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The digital piano clavia nord electro 6 is usually about 250 more expensive than korg grandstage 73. Use the factory restore file with the nord sound manager application to restore. The electro 3s lineage can be traced through earlier instruments such as the electros 1 and 2, the c1 and the stage. Pianist perspective on nord piano 3 or nord stage 3. Heres a simple guide how to download and transfer a sound to your i. Clavia has just added a number of sounds to the nord sample library which is downloadable and playable by the nord electro 4, stage 2, nord piano 2, electro 3, and nord wave keyboard instruments based on original master tapes used in the legendary melltronarguably the worlds first sampler. I tried to download the windows driver a nord electro tool v3. Each and every one of these pianos can be replaced if you wish. The last owner swopped out the acoustic piano for another electric and i want it back.

Clavia nord electro 2 jamming pt 1 synthcloud youtube. View and download clavia nord electro 2 setting up online. Clavia s updated electro range prove that if you need topquality staple keyboard sounds, playability and simplicity, nords still lead. It is also used to download pianos or programs to the nord piano or to upload any of these items called sounds from the nord piano memory to the computer hard drive. The chassis of nord electro has changed a bit compared to the original design. How to transfer a new piano sound to your nord instrument. Nord electro 4 hp electronic keyboard pdf manual download. Now on its third version, the latest nord piano is the best one yet.

Only offered in the nord electro 2 series, the nord electro rack is a rackmounted version of the popular unit for use as a sound module. The nord sound manager is the application that allows you to organize the various memory areas, the partitions in the nord piano. Though nord s previous piano sounds were beautiful and extremely playable through studio monitors and headphones, i was. Nord user forum view topic nord piano sounds forum. X you will have to download and reinstall the electro 2 v3. While nord keyboards traditionally use actions by the italian firm fatar, the new nord grand stage piano is a joint venture between clavia and the japanese piano behemoth kawai. This unofficial forum is dedicated to the clavia nord keyboards, including the nord stage, nord electro and nord piano. Other sounds for the electro 3 comes from the nord sample library 2. There are plenty more to choose from in the library area, including some xl versions of our grand pianos, with even more details like added velocity. With its 88note triple sensor keybed and virtual hammer action, the nord piano 3 provides an exceptional key response and. It has now a more traditional look and comes with genuine wooden sides. Product specific libraries here you will find the factory sounds that your instrument was shipped with, as well as exciting artist banks and other bonus content. Extended features the dependencies feature keeps track of which pianos and samples that are in use by programs.

Nord electro 5d 61 musical instrument pdf manual download. How to transfer a new piano sound to your nord instrument youtube. Erasing piano sound in the nord electro in some situations you may have to delete several piano sounds in the nord electro to make room for one large piano instrument. Curious about trying a new sound in your in nord instrument but dont know how to do it.

Nord user forum view topic can i download and install. Youve got to respect the number of ways that clavia have found to repackage their piano, organ, synthesis and sample playback technologies, even though this means that the differences between products boil down largely to which combination is included in each. The nord sound manager software lets you easily organize and backup the memory of your nord instrument. The companys electro and stage line of keyboards nearly singlehandedly ushered in the vintage electro mechanical keyboard craze. Cast your mind back to the dim, distant past, and in particular to the korg trident, arp omni.

Were happy to announce that the nord sample editor 3 has now been updated to support the nord stage 2 2 ex, nord piano 2 3, nord electro 345 and nord wave. The company have three major keyboard technologies a virtual analogue synth engine, a modelled hammond organ and leslie engine, and a sample playback engine and combine these in various ways to create different ranges of instruments. Curious about trying a new sound in your in nord instrument but dont. Piano nord electro 6 nord electro 5 nord electro 4 nord electro 3 nord electro 2. Most commercial sequencerdaw software will also accept and play the smf format. For information on how to update the os and uploading sounds, visit. Lets put the features of each of these pianos in 2 different columns to make it easier to see the differences. Discuss any issues around nord s keyboards, share your favorite patches, samples, and music. Nord has also beefed up the overdrive distortion to sound more like an overdriven tube amplifier.

The electro 2 also features great new vintagestyle effects in the effects section. Additional piano sounds can be downloaded free at clavia. Nord electro 4 hp, nord electro 4 sw type of equipment. Red giant library xxl for nord electro 6 custom sound. Classic keyboard hooks programming sounds with the nord stage 2 best. Nords are known for their digital emulation of classic analog sounds, and the company continues to add innovative features with each new generation of synth. You can find a plethora of samples in the library, and you can also see their size and load as many you can fit into the 85 mb. The electro 2 tool is not compatible with os x lion 10. Clavia nord electro 5d 61 user manual pdf download. Francis and josh take a look at the nord electro 5 hp, and try out the on board sounds. I think that we all know how clavia s development strategy works.

X you will have to download and reinstall the electro 2 pianos as well. The electro also sports a usb interface for quick and easy download of new piano sounds in the future. View and download clavia nord electro 2 user manual online. Click on products nord electro 2 and then choose either free software or free sounds. Now you will be able to download new piano instrument samples using nord s specially. The nord sample editor 3 makes it easier than ever to create custom sample instruments for your nord keyboard and is available for free download for mac and windows. Nord electro 5 product library nord piano library nord sample library 2. If you are looking for the absolute best strings ensemble sounds for your nord keyboard, then youve come in the right place. The nord wave 2 features a 61key cc semi weighted waterfall keybed with aftertouch. It would be a tall order to produce a keyboard perfect for both organ and piano technique, though.

The drawbars of nord electro 2 are represented by updown buttons and led bar graphs instead of ordinary mechanical drawbars. On my ne3, i have most of the rhodes and wurlitzers and also a clav, plus one acoustic piano. Clavia nord electro 5 digital organ and piano user manual. The nord electro 2 tool software is not compatible with windows 7 64 bit or windows vista 64 bit. Stage 2 nord stage ex nord stage nord grand nord piano 4 nord piano 3 nord piano 2. I use it for 4 years now, it comes more often see scenes and did a bit of computer music and suffered my exercises at home. Conformity compliance information statement model name. For the piano factory bank use the nord electro tool to. The electro 2 73 is the first choice of piano players who need a little more than the usual short range of standard stage pianos, but less weight.

Roland rd2000 vs nord piano 3 direct piano sound comparison. With all of that in mind, clavia has unleashed its latestand arguably greateststage piano to date, the nord piano 3. Nord stageex 2 2 ex3 nord piano 2 34 nord electro 3456 nord grand the nord piano library is a specialized library for acoustic and electric keyboard instruments and. View and download clavia nord electro 5d 61 user manual online. Page 2 in order to execute the different tests on a nord electro 2, press and hold at power up. Heres a simple guide how to download and transfer a sound to your instrument. Nord stageex22 ex3 nord piano234 nord electro 3456 nord grand the nord piano library is a specialized. Strings ensemble includes about megabytes of brand new orchestral violins, cellos, violas, contrabasses in nsmp format.

Just outstanding electromechanical keyboard sounds with a lot of passion, fast keyboard response and an authentic feel. Acoustic piano sounds have been a real divisor among nord stage fans you either loved them or hated them. New nord stage 3, electro 6, piano 4 and grand owners. Combining several types of sound generation in one instrument, clavia s nord stage harks back to the multikeyboards of the 1970s. Nord electro 2 fully supports usb download of nord electro piano samples. The wave 2 features the convenience of midi over usb for use with a sequencer or with the included sound manager software. Drawbar, percussion and chorusvibrato settings for organ sounds or presence settings for a piano sound, octave shift settings plus all the settings of the ef fects section. The nord sound manager allows easy reorganizing, backup and transfer of programs and is available for download here. Alongside all manner of brochures and demos, the first contains version 5 of clavia s piano library, plus the sound manager software that allows you to organise your piano sounds, samples, synth patches and programs, and load them into the stage 2. The organ and piano sections now have individual settings for the effects onoff.

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