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It would be a mistake, however, to view these consequences as any form of justice, karma, retribution, or even a coherent chain of cause and effect. Project blue book star neal mcdonough explains why he. David andrews as sheriff tillman napier seasons 34, who hosts swinger parties for harlans wealthy. Mcdonough on february, 1966 age 54 in dorchester, massachusetts, usa is an actor. While the marshals try to figure out who killed a witness security officer and why, boyd finds. Multitalented and awardwinning actor neal mcdonough can be seen in a multitude of stellar. Justified casts neal mcdonough, mykelti williamson. Neal mcdonough as robert quarles season 3, the sadistic surrogate son of detroit crime bigwig theo tonin who is sent to be his eyes in kentucky. The star also dishes on what audiences can expect from season 2 of the hit. Neal mcdonough as quarles is one of the best villains of recent memory with a killer performance. He had a recurring role as robert quarles in the third season. Upon closer inspection, the pistol is actually a blank firing replica known as the ekol tuna.

He also starred in the lead role on 2004 medical drama medical. The death of trooper tom causes the authorities to execute a manhunt against quarles neal mcdonough. Season 3, episode 1 january 17, 2012 season 3 premiere. Justified guy walks into a bar tv episode 2012 imdb. As the saying goes, a hero is only as good as the villain who opposes him and for timothy olyphants raylan givens of fxs justified, two villains might just make him twice the hero. Justified season 3 recap before we start recapping. Guy walks into a bar shows off neal mcdonough at his most gloriously unhinged. As you all know, im a huge fan of his, and i think his job in justified season three was incredible. Raylan tracks a southern mafia soldier, who maybe the answer in taking out quarles, meanwhile ava shows her tough side. Neal mcdonough is a fantastic character actor and his turn in the justified universe was great while it lasted. Marshal raylan givens, a modern day 19th centurystyle lawman, who enforces his. Still recovering from his gunshot, raylan takes himself off of desk duty when one of wynn duffys associates is involved in a murder.

Brendan mccarthy as tanner dodd season 3, an associate of robert quarles. With production on season 3 underway soon, some eleventh hour casting brings former boomtown actors neal mcdonough and mykelti williamson to the series as the seasons main antagonists. Project blue book star neal mcdonough explains why he wont do sex scenes or use the lords name in vain. The arrival of a detroit mobster neal mcdonough in lexington puts. Raylan is hot on the heels of quarles, who disappeared in the aftermath of last weeks shooting. Throughout season 3, robert quarles neal mcdonough is seen carrying what appears to be a stainless fie titan that he keeps concealed in an arm anchor. Neal mcdonough aka robert quarles at the justified season 3. Jere burns and neal mcdonough in justified 2010 erica tazel in justified 2010 timothy olyphant in. As good as its surprising first season was, justified entered rarefied heights in its second season. Neal mcdonough, which contrasts the more visceral excitement of the dewey plot with what turns into a battle of literary references.

Neal mcdonough gave yellowstone fans some more insight ahead of the episode wednesday night about malcolm beck, and it sounds like were in for a fun time. Neal mcdononough chills as the blue eyed smiling newcomer, from the start determined no one will stand in his way. Meanwhile, ava takes over boyds business while he is back in jail. The arrival of a detroit mobster neal mcdonough in lexington puts raylan on a collision course with a sadistic dixie mafia hit man.

Mcdonough plays the new villain in the hit paramount network show. You may not be able to recall this actors name, but you would probably immediately recognize neal mcdonoughs face. At the same time, it looks like someone in boyds operation has pointed the finger at him for devils death in the justified season finale. That it was the first to feature neal mcdonoughs robert quarles in. Neal mcdonough and mykelti williamson will play the villains in the 3rd season of justified. Neal mcdonough aka robert quarles at the justified. Mcdonough is married to ruve robertson, with whom he has a son, morgan patrick born november 2005, and three daughters, catherine maggie born may 14. Justified picks up its greatness again in season 3. The return of black adam green arrow oliver queen 2010 youre killing me. This season, though, justified smoothly introduces a clutch of new characters in its first four episodes. Hes appeared in several popular movies and television series over the past.

Mcdonough relates what might possibly be his favorite scene ever as an actor at the justified season. Quarles was first introduced in the season 3 premiere episode the gunfighter. Watch justified episodes online season 3 2012 tv guide. As his efforts to wrest control of crime in harlan from the crowder clan shift into high gear, mob boss robert quarles guest star neal mcdonough looks to bribe his way into power as he reaches back into raylans timothy olyphant past for. Justified season 3 is riveting, topnotch tv drama with a great cast of villains, the best of whom is the dapper robert quarles, a mob intermediary who tries to take over the rural kentucky drug scene. Tv guide suits collars justifieds neal mcdonough for.

Its all leading up to the final season of justified, premiering on january 20. Keep you in awe and satisfied with each characters that was featured in the series. Join josh and antonio as they talk about season three, covering neal mcdonoughs scenestealing turn as quarles, the continued rise of career criminal boyd crowder, dewey crowes crankedup kidney caper, and much more. Drenched in atmosphere, whilst graced with fine scripts and top notch performances, the series goes from strength to strength. This is clearly a message that justified takes seriously, and in a way has been trying to prove all season long. With timothy olyphant, nick searcy, joelle carter, jacob pitts. The great thing about justified is that the writers will craft a scene, but.

Neal mcdonough does a fine acting job, but his quarles goes not quite measure up to mags bennett from the previous season. I actually felt bad for devilfaced wynn throughout season 3. See more ideas about actor, dum dum dugan and arrow season 4. Neal mcdonough didnt make any friends on the set of fxs justified during his stint as the seasons villain, robert quarles.

Season three introduces robert quarles neal mcdonough, an exiled detroit mob. Neal mcdonough, who memorably portrayed dapper justified villain robert quarles in the fx dramas third season, is about to ruffle some. From one welldressed character to presumably another. The third season of graham yosts stellar, emmywinning crime drama justified trumps any concerns about besting the highwater mark of its second season with a pair of stellar new villains who neatly bookend the central conflict between the shows opposing leads and lethal frenemies, deputy u. Mcdonough played dave williams on the fifth season of desperate housewives in 2009.

Robert quarles god damn amen funny scene from justified season 3 episode 4 hq. Season 3 does not disappoint, its episodes full of doublecrosses, bloody despatches and a dramatic. One of the beauties of justified is that season 1 was. See more ideas about supergirl and flash, dum dum dugan and eobard thawne. Desperate housewives neal mcdonough and 24s mykelti williamson, who both starred on justified ep graham yosts brilliantbut. At one point, an angry theo tonin adam arkin tells quarles neal mcdonough that actions have consequences. And although limehouse doesnt show that kind of restraint when it comes to robert quarles neal mcdonough, the real climax of. Raylan tries to make sure that dickie bennett isnt released from prison, while boyd works to fix the election and get rid of sheriff napier and robert quarles for good.

Mykelti williamson as the quietly charismatic leader of an africanamerican community in harlan county. Neal mcdonough plays supervillain robert quarles in fxs peabodywinning series justified. It can be identified by its lack of side mounted external extractor, the pin in the slide which is the pivot for the top mounted. Justified season 3 recap before we start recapping justified. Season three introduces robert quarles neal mcdonough, an exiled detroit mob player with plans to control the oxycotin trade in kentucky. Slaughterhouse was a season finale full of surprises, especially in its last twelve minutes involving both. The final season is a must see series which was very entertaining. Theres a detroit fixer played by neal mcdonough or, as i like to think of him, the worlds scariest hummel figurine. Neal mcdonough desperate housewives and mykelti williamson 24 both alumi of the shortlived but critically acclaimed nbc cop drama have been cast on the fx western as season 3s big. To my eyes, the man behind the curtain was justifieds best episode of this third season by a wide margin.

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